Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Years

a while back, one of my dearest friends cait started a food blog.

when cait and i met, she was among the pickiest eaters i know.
her diet consisted of mainly pasta, bread, chick-fil-a, pretzels, and lettuce.
the latter of the two were her "normal" pre-prom/homecoming diet
which always resulted in her amazingly talented and crafy Mammy coming over the morning
of the dance for last minute alterations so her dress didnt fall off.

she has since learned to love many foods and over the last year expanded her palate beyond belief!

a little over a year ago i got cait to try sushi for the first time
and yesterday she posted it on her blog.
it brought back lots of funny memories that i've had
with this girl over the past (nearly) ten years.
[thats right pretty, we've been friends for almost TEN years!]

heres a look at the video and be sure to visit cait's blog!

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