Wednesday, January 26, 2011


biscotti is one of those things that instantly brings me back to one particular memory.
it immediately brings me to a family friends mountain house in the pocono's. 
our families used to spend a week or so their every winter,
a good time was had by all every time.
i was too young to drink coffee back then but i'm pretty sure,
our moms drank coffee and chocolate dipped biscotti every morning 
on those week long get-a-ways. 

biscotti making is a little bit tedious but absolutely worth it in the end.
while searching the depths of the internet for the perfect biscotti recipe,
i found so many possibilities & ended up combining many to create my own.

flour, salt, baking powder, sliced almonds, eggs, butter,
baking powder, sugar and vanilla and almond extracts 
combine perfectly into a delicious crunchy treat.

after shaping the dough into a log, 
it is baked until golden brown,
allowed to cool and sliced.

lay the slices onto a baking sheet and bake once more until golden brown
be sure to flip the slices half way through to brown both sides.

these were perfect without chocolate but you could also 
dip the bottom into melted dark chocolate for some extra sweetness

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