Sunday, January 30, 2011


the past few weeks have been somewhat of a lull for me 
only in regards to baking.
all other aspects of my life have been an insane whirlwind 
of work, attempting to meet up with friends, work,
buying a new car, work, reading, 
and the occasional few hours of sleep a night
{this should be considered a nap. by no means have i 
gotten a good nights sleep in far too long}

for christmas i was given an array of baking/cooking related items
and i cant wait to use them. 
unfortunately for now, my bed, 
a cup of tea (or a bottle glass of wine), and a good book
are a lot more appealing. 
i have a few posts up my sleeves 
to hold you over until i get back in the groove
but i'd love to have your input.

what would you like to see on this blog?
have a type of cupcake, cookie, pie or dessert 
that you've been meaning to try?
let me in on all your little secrets!


  1. We must have a wickedly delicious recipe for Valentines. Something full of dark chocolate, raspberries and whatever else you can find in your pantry!