Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bride & Groom Chocolate Covered Strawberries

nearly two years ago, the world lost the most beautiful person i've ever met.
Kate was not only beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside.
Heaven is extremely lucky to have her. (but i know she feels luckier to be there.)
over the past two years i've had the privilege of getting to know Kates older sister Aftan.
Aften is just as gorgeous. She is extremely creative, faithful, hilarious, fashionable and
all around adorable; i definitely see the relation between the two of them.
six months ago Aftan got married! when she asked me if i was interested in helping
with some of the pre-wedding "crafts" i was thrilled.

unfortunately i had to work the night before our arts & crafts day at the Hunt household,
so i knew i would be particularly tired that morning.
while working from home over night into the early morning hours i decided to
take a stab at a new recipe idea i had seen online. i know what youre thinking.
who starts a project at 12am. yep. i do. blame my moms side of the family, thanks to them,
i have the worlds worst sleeping patterns. anyways, what better than strawberries and chocolate
to give you a little pick me up? of course couldnt take plain old chocolate covered strawberries.
instead i made brides and grooms.
they were perfect. i was so happy with how they came out
and even happier seeing the look on Aftans face when she saw them.
heres how they came out.

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  1. These are adorable! I'm sure she loved them, right?
    I smiled at your last post (all 5 of you)... hope your getaway was fun!