Monday, December 27, 2010

graduation party

party number two was a highschool graduation party. 
the graduate's high school and college happened to have the same school colors
so the color choices for this project were pretty easy. 

first up was blueberry lemonade popsicles. 
they were my favorite of the three desserts and 
ended up being the most popular.
first i did a layer of lemonade and let it freeze 
before pouring the blueberry mixture on top. 

[note to self-when blueberries are blended, they turn pinkish purple...not blue]

next up was ice cream sandwich cups.
i did a layer of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate)

a layer of homemade chocolate chip cookies 
that i crumbled a food processor,
then topped with another layer of ice cream.
adding in those little wooden spoons 
(circa fourth grade cafeterias)
and you have a great summer treat!

lastly i made graduation hat cake pops. 
after seeing Bakerellas post with these adorable caps
i knew i had to make them for the party.

they were definitely a little difficult but they were
definitely worth it!

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