Sunday, December 26, 2010

three parties. one weekend. baking 24/7

when i first started baking on a regular basis i would make anything. 
i was (and still am) willing to try pretty much everything.
word got around and before i knew it, i was making deserts for three parties
in the same weekend...actually...on the same day.
i was making desserts for a graduation party,
a bridal shower,
and an anniversary party.

i was thrilled.
but the title of this post doesnt lie.
having decided on menu items that couldnt
exactly be made ahead of time, i spent many many hours 
baking up until the last minute for most of the events.
i came home from work friday afternoon (with my lovely assistant Mairead)
and worked on a few of the items. while taking Mairead home, we got
persuaded to meet a few friends for a well deserved break drink(s).
i pulled myself away from the fun to return to my tasks at hand,
before i knew was 430 am. whoops.
i wrapped up and hit the hay, waking up just three short hours later.

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