Tuesday, December 28, 2010

strawberry seduction angel food cake

word travels extremely fast around my office
like, exceptionally fast.
depending on the topic of conversation this can be good or bad.
however, after the graduation party desserts i made for someone at work,
the word that traveled fast was good.

pretty soon after, I was asked to make a birthday cake for someones wife.
i was given no restrictions and the options were endless.
we decided she liked angel food cake and strawberries and those were my only guidelines.

heres what i came up with.
i found this recipe for strawberry whipped cream angel food cake
and used it as my starting line.
while my cake was baking i played around with marzipan flowers.
this was my first go at such a thing and i was delighted with the outcome.

after the cake was cooled i cut the hole in the middle to be larger than normal.
then i used homemade whipped cream frosting
(i wish i could tell you the recipe, but i made it up as i went and forgot to write it down)
i flavored some of the frosting with strawberry extract and used that to fill the hole.
also layered in there were some sliced strawberries, chopped dark chocolate, and plain frosting.
next up, i dirty iced the outside of the cake (this eliminates crumbs in the final layer of icing)
and set it in the freezer for a little while.

after letting the cake chill and set,
i whipped up some fresh frosting (no pun intended)
and added my marzipan roses and leaves
then came the writing,
the most nerve-wracking part.
after holding my breath the entire time,
it turned out alright.

i added some halved strawberries around the sides and it was complete.

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